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Disc golf birdie

Growing the sport of disc golf through a passion for design &

a love of the game

My name is Garrett Miller and I started disc golfing the summer after my freshman year of college.  I was a lifeguard at my hometown pool which was in the same park as the disc golf course. My first two discs were an Innova DX Gator & DX Raven.  Once I started throwing, I was hooked.

I returned to Iowa State University and found myself looking for any excuse to get to the course.  Eventually, playing fun rounds with friends wasn't enough; I craved more.  Wanting to get more involved in the sport, I started playing tournaments. Around the same I got my first intermediate win I joined ISU's Cyclone Disc Golf Club.  Majoring in Graphic Design, I seized the the opportunity to create branding for a tournament as one of my class projects. My cousin and I put it on, it was both of our first endeavors in the tournament scene and is an event still running today.

After finishing at ISU, I moved to Minnesota in search of a career in design. My competitive disc golf play took a bit of a back seat as I developed my skills in branding and hand typography but my passion for the game never left.  I eventually moved back to Iowa and was fortunate enough to become a member on team ProFlight, which gave me the boost I needed to start playing more competitively again.  The following summer I got my first pro win and I knew disc golf would never take the back seat again.

The creation of Epic By Hand came from a desire to grow disc golf the best way that I can.  I have met a lot of amazing people playing the game; making many friends along the way. This brand encompasses the things surrounding disc golf from the gorgeous colors of the outdoors to the modern retro designs which represent disc golf's roots and the game today. 
No matter your experience level, the disc golf community welcomes anyone wanting to learn more about the sport
we all love dearly.


let your talent
shine though!

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